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China Coal Group Mining Equipment Helps Yunnan Energy Construction

Date:2024-05-31     Label:

China Coal News Shipping

On May 31st, a batch of high-specification mining flatbed trucks and mining doors independently researched and produced by China Coal Group, after strict quality testing and thorough logistic preparations, formally embarked on the journey and were sent to Qujing, Yunnan Province.

As a leader in the field of domestic mining equipment manufacturing, China Coal Group always adheres to the core values of innovation, efficiency and responsibility, and has accumulated rich experience and technical advantages in improving the efficiency and safety performance of coal resources mining. The mining equipment delivered to the Qujing area is not only an important enhancement of the local mine transportation capacity, but also a practical measure to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy.

The mining flatbed trucks and mining doors shipped this time are all independently developed and produced by China Coal Group, and have passed the national mining product safety certification. Among them, the frame of mining flatbed truck adopts metal frame structure, which can withstand traction force, braking force, collision force between mining trucks and impact force of steel rails, which greatly extends the service life, and has the advantages of simple structure, robustness and durability, small resistance coefficient, large carrying capacity, convenient maintenance, and wide range of uses, etc.; fireproof gate is mainly used in the hazardous places of coal dust and methane explosive gas in coal mines, and it has common features of gate and fireproof door, and it adopts double opening and closing form, which is flexible, and has good safety certification. The common characteristics of the fence door and fire door, the product adopts the form of double doors, flexible opening and closing, with good airtightness, ventilation function in normal times, such as in the case of abnormal conditions, with fire protection function, easy to use and flexible operation; Pressureless Dampers are mainly used in the mine underground into the return lane and the main into the return lane between each liaison lane, it is a substitute of all the current dampers, with two-way air insulation, durable, smooth closing, good fire resistance, two dampers can realize each other's fire protection, and the two dampers can realize each other's fire protection. It has the advantages of two-way air barrier, sturdy and durable, smooth closing, good fireproof performance, and the two dampers can realize interlocking and so on.

With the in-depth promotion of the "Belt and Road" construction and the western development strategy, the mineral resources in Yunnan Province, especially in the Qujing area, have been more widely developed and utilized. In this context, the demand for modernized coal mining equipment is growing. China Coal Group seizes the opportunity of the times, continuously optimizes the product structure and service system, and is committed to providing integrated solutions for domestic and foreign customers. In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to deepen the technology research and development and cooperation exchanges, and work together with more partners to draw the blueprint of green and intelligent new-generation manufacturing industry, contributing wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of China and even the global energy industry, and playing an active role in realizing the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality!



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