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Shandong Provincial Democratic Revolutionary Party Committee Leaders Visit China Coal Group To Conduct Special Research

Date:2024-05-30     Label:

China Coal News Special Research

On the morning of May 30, Li Zhenyou, Secretary General of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Democratic Revolution, Zhang Shaochun, first-level senior supervisor of the Foreign Audit Division of the Provincial Audit Office and the main committee of the provincial financial branch of the DRC, Shi Xiufang, an expert of the DRC Provincial Committee of the DRC, the Chief Quality Engineer of Shandong Province Information Technology Industry Development Research Institute and the Director of the Provincial Information Technology and Industrialization Integration Evaluation Center, Shi Xiufang, the Vice President of the Longshan Honorary College of the Shandong University of Finance and Economics, a professor, and a doctoral scholar, and Li Qihang, Deputy Main Committee of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, DRC Li Qihang, vice-chairman of the branch of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Shandong University of Finance and Economics, and other leaders, accompanied by Zhang Hongjun, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the Jining Municipal Party Committee and director of the Bureau of Citizens' Religious Affairs, and Liu Weihong, a member of the Party Working Committee of the Jining Hi-Tech Zone and the director of the Department of Organization (Human Resources), came to visit the Group to carry out a special research on the topic of "making our province's robotics industry bigger and stronger and boosting the high-quality development of the new industrialization". Research. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transportation Group, Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of E-commerce Company, and Guan Chenghui, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Coal Group warmly received and accompanied the research.

Accompanied by Mr. Li and other leaders, Secretary General Li and his team visited the corporate culture exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing achievement exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing production workshop and digital construction machinery workshop of China Coal Group, and learned in detail about China Coal Group's history of development, technology research and development, types of products, industrial layout, project construction, etc., and carried out in-depth exchanges on issues such as industrial development, market prospects, etc.. The research group highly evaluated our group's technological innovation ability and market development potential, and put forward valuable suggestions around government support policies, industry-university-research cooperation mode and other dimensions.

The research group pointed out that the robot belongs to the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry is to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, casting the future development advantages of the new track, with a wide range of application areas and broad prospects for development. We hope that China Coal Group will continue to strengthen independent research and development and scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the existing foundation and comparative advantages of Jining City, aiming at the forefront of industrial development, careful industrial planning, further clarifying the development path, and actively expanding the application scenarios, to promote the robotics industry with greater determination to grow bigger and stronger, and injecting new kinetic energy into the high-quality development of new industrialization in Shandong Province.

In recent years, China Coal Group has been actively laying out new tracks and seeking new breakthroughs, focusing on new technologies, new products, new modes, new markets and new production methods, vigorously promoting the "Intelligent Reform and Digital Transformation", using intelligent technology to strengthen the integration of industries, accelerating industrial upgrading, and creating a green eco-industry, and upgrading production equipment and manufacturing processes of major workshops and continuously accelerating the pace of informationization construction to open up the information management process. In accordance with the target requirements of the new generation of intelligent factories, the Group has upgraded and transformed the production equipments and manufacturing processes of the major workshops, and continuously accelerated the pace of informationization construction to open up the whole process of informationization management. China Coal Group has established robotics as the key development direction of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. And seize the opportunity of national large-scale equipment renewal, will promote the upgrading of traditional industries and the layout of emerging industries, future industries, strengthen the robotics industry upstream and downstream research and development, to create "Robotics + artificial intelligence + industrial Internet + high-end equipment" as one of the intelligent manufacturing system, and strive to lead the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Robotics industry is a typical representative of the new quality of productivity, and in recent years it has been developing rapidly under the support of artificial intelligence. China Coal Group will take this research as an opportunity to follow the pace of national strategy, continue to plough into the field of science and technology innovation, and is committed to becoming an important force to promote the upgrading and transformation of the robotics industry, which will lead the province and even the country's robotics industry to realize a new leap. We look forward to more cross-border integration and deep collaboration in the future, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to the process of China's new industrialization!



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