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China Coal Group Signs Multi-Country Purchase Orders On The First Day Of 2024 Southeast Asia International Mining And Construction Machinery Exhibition

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China Coal News Signing Orders

On May 24th, 2024 South Asia Southeast Asia International Mining Equipment and Construction Machinery Exhibition was grandly opened in Kunming Dianchi International Conference and Exhibition Center, China Coal Group, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact and an excellent enterprise of China Machinery Industry, was invited to participate in it, and on the first day of the exhibition, it won a lot of praises with its excellent technical strength, innovative product matrix and comprehensive solutions, and successfully signed a series of international The exhibition was organized by the General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group. The exhibition was led by Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Shipping Group, with Zhang Hang, General Manager of Cross-border E-commerce Company of China Coal Group and Deputy General Manager of China Shipping Group, Ma Yuya, General Manager of Shandong Zhongcheng Heavy Industry (Yantai) Co. Ltd., Jin Ming, Sales Director of China Coal Group Cross-border E-commerce Company, Zhou Mingjiao, etc. The delegation represented our group.

This exhibition is not only a feast for the industry, but also an important platform for international cooperation and exchange under the "Belt and Road" initiative, and China Coal Group has become the focus of the spotlight with its long-term persistent pursuit of technological innovation and quality assurance. The exhibition of dozens of star products such as various types of mining equipment include tunneling machines, mining winches, scraper conveyors, hydraulic pillars and construction machinery excavators, electric forklifts, crawler trucks, skid steer loaders and so on is undoubtedly a powerful visual and technological impact, which has attracted industry insiders to stop and consult, or to reach a preliminary cooperation intention, or to sign a purchase order on the spot.

At the exhibition site, there were crowds of people in front of China Coal Group's booth, and various colors of flags were intertwined, forming a unique scenery line. Visitors' eyes were attracted by a series of intelligent and environmentally friendly machinery and equipment, which not only reflected China Coal Group's advanced manufacturing technology, but also carried deep thoughts on future sustainable development, demonstrating China Coal Group's unique insight into the future development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry: through the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, intelligent interconnection between equipments and remote monitoring were realized, further enhancing production efficiency and reducing operating costs. Further improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. This forward-looking development strategy has been favored by many potential customers and transformed into actual cooperation agreements.

As the center of global economic gravity is gradually shifting eastward, South and Southeast Asian markets are increasingly becoming a new blue ocean for multinational enterprises to compete. In this exhibition, China Coal Group displayed a series of cutting-edge technologies and solutions centered on the core concept of "New Quality Productivity". In particular, the application of new technologies in the fields of mining equipment and construction machinery is aimed at building a more efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly product system, as well as creating a new business model and development path based on this. This not only shows the outstanding advantages of China Coal Group in the current fierce competition, but also indicates that the discourse power in the field of global mining equipment and construction machinery will be further strengthened in the future, just like those shining machinery and equipment at the exhibition, China Coal Group and the future road of China's intelligent manufacturing industry it represents will certainly be brighter and broader.

This exhibition is an important milestone for China Coal Group to deepen the layout of the international market, and the Group will take this opportunity to continue to uphold an open attitude, actively embrace the opportunities and challenges brought by globalization, follow the pulse of the times, continue to innovate and breakthroughs, and drive the development by innovation, and work together with partners all over the world to draw a better blueprint for the field of mining equipment and construction machinery!



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