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Labor Day|China Coal Group Pays Tribute To Every Hardworking Laborer

Date:2024-05-01     Label:

China Coal News Tribute To Laborers

They sweat, fighting in the construction line.

They strive for excellence, stick to the production workshop: they are based on the post, with action to interpret the duties of their unity and cooperation, the dream will take root.

In the festival belonging to the working people

China Coal Group Salute to every laborer!

In this wonderful season full of labor, China Coal Group, with deep respect, expresses our most sincere thanks and blessings to every laborer who quietly dedicates and works hard at their posts!

May Day is not only a festival for laborers, but also a day for China Coal Group to express our gratitude and respect. The steady development of our Group cannot be separated from the efforts and dedication of every person in the team. Thanks to those frontline employees who stick to their posts and interpret their responsibilities with sweat; thanks to the R&D staff who work day and night to make innovation possible; thanks to the customer service representatives who do their best to add color to the service; thanks to the diligent and pragmatic administration and logistics, which guarantee the smooth and unobstructed operation of daily operations. ...... thanks to each and every person in China Coal Group for their contribution to the development of the Group, and also thanks to each and every customer for their trust in our company. Thank you for every customer's trust and support, we will continue to adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" business philosophy, to provide our customers with quality products and services. Looking to the future, China Coal Group will be more open, actively embrace change, and is committed to promoting the development of new productivity and industrial modernization. We will continue to deepen reform, strengthen innovation, and stride forward on the road of intelligence and greening; we will focus on talent cultivation and technology research and development to build a high-quality, professional workforce. Let's join hands, carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and work together to realize high-quality development and build a modern industrial system.

Here, China Coal Group sincerely wishes every laborer good health and career success! Let's move forward to a better tomorrow together and write a colorful chapter worthy of the times!



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